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Today’s world is shaped by the impact of the digital revolution. Trade, industry, health, the media, communication – or whatever – operates within the computer world.

Not to be left behind, it becomes almost inevitable to be drawn into the social networks. Reluctantly I opened an account on ‘Facebook’ and ‘Linkedin’. I was in for a surprise.

‘I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.’

The social media as a vehicle for Muslim Evangelism

Even the best message on a website remains undetected and unread until it is found by chance. Is there no better way to be found?

To discover a mechanism to overcome this problem, I typed the name of a Muslim like ‘Abdallah’ into ‘Facebook’. To my surprise I was not just connected to him, but in addition to all his ‘friends’. Clicking on those in turn, ‘friends’ of the ‘friends’ came up seeking to become my ‘friends’ as well. Little did I expect to became inundated with ever more ‘friends’ requests.

Uninitiated as I am in this field of communication, my missionary mind immediately thought of mailing all of them a ‘post’ to introduce them to Jesus.

A suitable Message

Some years ago I had compiled a booklet named ‘The Message of Nabi Isa’. It is indeed suitable to be used in this medium. Every Muslim is acquainted with ‘Isa’. It is the Arabic name of Jesus, who appears prominently in the Qur’an. In the same way, every Muslims knows that a ‘Nabi’ is a messenger of God. The problem is that the message of the ‘messenger’ Jesus does not appear in the Qur’an. But if God sends a message, we need to know it! Where can it be found? The Good News is: You can find it in the Gospel – and here is a condensed form of it. This introduction is followed by a selection of the very words of Jesus.

This type of approach is somewhat unique and accessible to a Muslim’s mindset. Further it is inoffensive to the reader, and presents the Gospel in its truest context by Jesus speaking Himself.

If God sends a message, we need to know it!

Avoiding hitches

Of course there may be hitches within the digital scene. If we would just send the content of this booklet straight to an email address it may be detected and or blocked by ‘Facebook’ as undesirable. This is an increasing danger. Consequently, it is better to just create a neutral contact message (sample attached) to make the recipient inquisitive enough to click and open a website. Here the Message can be perused in all privacy.

If we just upload ‘The Message of Isa’ onto a website, chances are slim for a Muslim to discover it on the vast ocean called ‘www’. That is different when using ‘Facebook’ to spread the Message.

An unlimited opportunity

It appears that here is a vast open door! Every Christian believer could, without any special preparation, send the Gospel to any number of Muslims, and that within minutes!

To mind comes the challenging word of the Apostle Paul: ‘I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.’ (1Co. 9:22).

Today such ‘possible means’ include the social media.

The Writer of this note

is a veteran missionary and mission leader, who worked among Muslims for many years, and until very recently. He authored a number of books, booklets and articles, most pertaining to and training in Muslim Evangelism. But he has very little knowledge and competence in the digital field. Besides, he is 89 years old. This is a kind of legacy. Who will, before God, take up the cue to a truly worldwide ministry among Muslims?

A Strategy to enter this vast Open Door

Before anything else some Christian or Christian ministry with knowledge of and experience in ‘Facebook’, and a vision to reach Muslims, should check on whether what I write here is, in fact, correct.

Some Christian or Christian ministry with a vision to reach Muslims needs to take this challenge under their wings. They should take it on their heart to promote and share this method of Muslim Evangelism. This could be done in the framework of a church or a kind of chain letter where one Christian tries to mobilize other believers by letter as an ongoing process.

With the help of such increasing numbers of Partners in Mission (who should be duly recognized as such), thousands upon thousands of Muslims can receive the Gospel message.

Using an attached note at the end of the planned website (under construction), we draw attention to follow-up materials (as the apologetic ‘Dear Abdullah’). One should be mindful, however, not to confuse a seeker with an array of literature or links, but rather offer one step at a time. An extra link on that website should invite the seeker to a second website that offers a discipleship course, and suitable Bible Study material. In addition, an option could be offered to meet other ‘followers of Jesus’.

Last not least, we definitely need yet another website for Christians to instruct new recruits in this new field of service.

While we may well expect that many of the Muslim contacts speak English, the majority will speak another tongue, like Arabic, Urdu, Malay/Indonesian, Kiswahili, Farsi, Gujarati, Hausa or others I deem it best, to get translations done before such a possible ministry can fully start, so that ‘The Message…’ can be offered in the contact’s vernacular also.

The Partners in Mission should be able to stay anonymous.

It is mind-boggling to imagine what could happen when eventually a vast army of Christians would sign up, step through that open door, and in prayer and by contacting Muslims, share the Good News with them. And it is possible!

Download the text of “The Message of Nabi Isa” along with “The Key” to start this journey.

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