The Message of Nabi Isa

The Message of Nabi Isa is a clear and simple message of Jesus Christ or Nabi Isa as he is known in Islam. The Message shows us the gravity of our sin, the judgement to come and invites us to the loving nature of God. Jesus – Nabi Isa, also explains to us the supernatural essence of faith and goes ahead to tell us about himself. The gentle but clear approach of the Message of Nabi Isa will be well received, so it is of great importance that it goes out to reach every Muslim in our community.

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Mission to Muslims, Impossible?

Five talks on Muslim Evangelism by Walter and Christel Eric. A good introduction to the background of Islam and fruitful ways how Christians can share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their Muslim friends.

Answering Primary Objectives

APO = Answering Primary Objections gives us three teaching sessions about What we believe as Christians and Why we believe it. These are very helpful apologetic presentations that will enable viewers to face challenging objections from Muslims with insight and confidence.

A Tough Assignment

Gerhard Nehls, the founder of Life Challenge Africa, tells the story of his life and the beginning of LCA in an interview. Personal insights into his rich experiences make this presentation a valuable experience to watch.

Allah or God?

Is it fitting for a Christian to use the name “Allah” when talking with a Muslim? Do Christians and Muslims pray to the same God? – These and many other hotly debated questions are convincingly dealt with in this talk. It is an objective presentation of the issues from a historical, linguistic and theological view point.

The Islam Debate: Was Christ Crucified

This historic debate (between Josh McDowell and Ahmad Deedat) from the early eighties offers the viewer some unique insight into the Muslim mind and reveals a typical style of argumentation. But it also presents a beautiful model how a Christian response to Islam can be maintained in an informed, factual, yet patient and loving manner.

Salvation was Difficult for Me

A challenging interview with a former Hafiz from Sudan. Having grown up in a Muslim family and memorized the Qur’an as a boy, God had his unique way with this man to draw him to an understanding of the Gospel. The Biblical concept of Salvation seemed too easy for him; therefore it was difficult to accept. Watch amazed how in the end the grace of God still prevailed!

More Than Dreams

“More Than Dreams” tells the compelling, true stories of five Muslims from five different countries who share one life-changing experience. Each of them saw Jesus Christ in a dream or a vision, and their lives were forever transformed. Watch and learn how God is using dreams and visions in Muslim communities across the globe.

Zaidi ya Ndoto

“Zaidi ya Ndoto” inasimulia hadithi za kuvutia, za kweli za Waislamu watano kutoka nchi tano ambao wanashiriki uzoefu mmoja wa kubadilisha maisha. Kila mmoja wao alimwona Yesu Kristo katika ndoto au maono, na maisha yao yalibadilishwa milele.

The Distant Boat

The Distant Boat tells the fictional story of Max, a young urban Kenyan who has it all: a dream job, a best friend, and a girl he hopes to marry. In the midst of a crisis, Max has a radical encounter with a poor Muslim fisherman named Yusef. Max’s whole life and perspective is challenged when he realizes that Yusef and his people have no church and no Christian witness. After taking time off work to visit his family, Max shares with a wise old uncle his heart for Yusef’s people, and in the process, Max realizes that God may be calling him to be a missionary.

But Max’s journey is fraught with obstacles. He must be willing to risk everything—his future, his reputation, and even the love of his life—as he pursues this call. There’s ridicule from his friends, rebuke from his potential in-laws, and disappointment from his family. His church has never known a Kenyan missionary before, and his pastor hardly knows where to begin. For Max, his family, friends, and church The Distant Boat is a perilous journey of trust and discovery. Trusting what it means to be and to send a missionary and discovering why it is worth the cost.

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