Life is a Challenge More So in Africa

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The story of Life Challenge is closely linked to the life story of Gerhard Nehls. This is his biography, along with many of the lessons he learned along the way.


Life is a Challenge More So in Africa

Gerhard Nehl & Walter Eric, A4 size, 136 pages

God stepped into the life of Gerhard Nehls in a dramatic way when he had reached a place of utmost despair. He felt death knocking at the door while he was still a teenager in the aftermath of World War II living under Russian occupation. He emigrated as a young man to South Africa to work there under more favourable conditions as a goldsmith, but found a new future and purpose for life in Christ.

Here is how the story unfolds:

  • God’s Ways are Full of Surprises
  • Encountering Islam and Muslims
  • Life Challenge is Born
  • Conversations with Jews and Muslims
  • Joining Hands with Others
  • A New Start on Familiar Ground
  • New Horizons
  • Changes, Changes, Changes
  • The Next Chapter