The Message Of Nabi Isa

Do you know the message of Nabi Isa?

You can be sure this is a tremendous tool for evangelism. We strongly urge everyone to listen and

view it for yourself at this link:

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The Message Of Nabi Isa, Gerhard Nehls

Gerhard Nehls, the retired founder of Life Challenge, has produced a wonderful, evangelistic, multi-media presentation – The Message of Nabi Isa! This is a clear and simple message of Jesus Christ or Nabi Isa as he is known in Islam. The Message shows us the righteousness of God, the gravity of our sin, the judgement to come and invites us to the loving nature of God. Jesus – Nabi Isa, also explains to us the supernatural essence of faith and goes ahead to tell us about himself. The gentle but clear approach of the Message of Nabi Isa will be well received, so it is of great importance that it goes out to reach every Muslim in our community. As the final major project of a life which has given us a long legacy of excellent material – Gerhard Nehls.