Man with a Message

KSh 50

The Greatest News Ever Told

If Jesus indeed was a messenger sent by God Almighty, what then was the message he was sent with? Muslims do well to consider the words of Jesus, the Messiah, as presented in this booklet, quoting extensively from the Gospel records with brief connecting thoughts. Muslims may turn to this book out of curiosity, but soon find themselves urged to follow the path of evidenced truth.


Man with a Message, The Greatest News ever told,

Gerhard Nehls, B6 size, 38 pages
All prophets were sent with a specific message to their people people. But not always was this put into writing.

In the case of Jesus (Nabi Isa) we have a wealth of carefully recorded sayings, both what others said about him and what he himself proclaimed. We are not left in the dark about the mission of Jesus!

Read and decide for yourself what to do with this man and his message.