Christian – Islamic Controversy

KSh 500

Trainer’s Textbook II

This apologetic resource volume contrasts Biblical and Islamic foundations of faith. It presents effective answers to major Islamic allegations against the Bible, Christian faith and doctrine. Find answers to perplexing issues such as “Is Muhammad mentioned in the Bible?”, “Is Christianity based on pagan origins?”, “Do Christians believe in inherited sin?” and many others. (Volume 2 of 4 Teacher’s Training series).

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Christian – Islamic Controversy, Trainer’s Textbook II

Gerhard Nehls and W. Eric
A5 book, 175 pages (also available in A4, ring-binding)

Muslims are not shy to ask questions. They know so well how to confuse and disturb Christians, even though most of them have never held a Bible in their hands or entered a church building. Don’t be afraid! In this second book in the Trainer’s Textbook Series, you HAVE the answers to their objections – such as:

  • The Bible has been changed and corrupted
  • God is One! How can you say that He has a son?
  • Jesus never claimed to be more than a prophet
  • Your idea of salvation as a free gift is just a license for today’s immoral lifestyle
  • Don’t you know that Muhammad is foretold in your Bible

OPEN THIS BOOK and find some excellent answers!