Why Trust the Bible

KSh 50

God watches over his Word

There is a stream of polemic Islamic publications that seeks to discredit the Bible in every conceivable manner. This booklet encourages serious Muslims not to ignore the response of Christians who do not accept the allegations of Muslims about the corruption of the Bible.


Why Trust the Bible, God watches over his Word

compiled by Walter Eric B6 size, 38 pages

Why not trust it! Have you ever read it for yourself? Or have you just followed hear-say that this book is being changed every year,is dangerous to read, contains fiction rather than facts…?

This booklet can assist you in finding answers to many of your questions about the Old and New Testaments and the relation of the Qur’an to the two Testaments.

Do give it a try and let us know what you think about the most-read book in history.