Dear Abdallah

KSh 50

A Christian-Muslim Friendly Dialogue

You will thoroughly enjoy the message, style, and power of persuasion in these ten fictitious letters to “Abdallah” (Servant of Allah) which are signed by “Theophilus” (Loved by God). This booklet is an example that presenting the Gospel to Muslims can be done in an inoffensive way, understanding their religious ideas and disarming Islamic arguments in a loving yet factual and knowledgeable manner.


Dear Abdallah, A Christian-Muslim Friendly Dialogue

Gerhard Nehls, B6 size, 65 pages
We are sure you will thoroughly enjoy the exchange of two open minds on some of the most important issues about life, truth, forgiveness and assurance about life  after death. These ten fictions letters are addressed to ‘Abdallah’ (servant of Allah), and are designed by ‘Theophilus’ (The one loved by God).

The letters are actually based on a real-live correspondence that lasted about two years and one could well be considered as a model for Christian-Muslim relations presenting arguments and answers in a loving yet factual and knowledgeable manner.