Dare to Compare

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Becoming a Believer by choice

Any eager student will be keen to compare his own faith with the claims of others. We begin with a look at the Qur’an that positively confirms the divine origin of the bible and shows the excellence of Jesus. This may come to some readers as a surprise. We then discover the divine and extra-biblical evidence with altogether verifies the truth of the Bible. This booklet is meant to prepare the way for other evangelistic booklets.


Dare to Compare, Becoming a Believer by choice

Gerhard Nehls, B6 size, 28 pages
Few people have taken the time and effort to compare what the Qur’an and the Bible have stated about the two books or how the person of Jesus is presented in them. An honest and spiritual person will not just accept his own traditions and exercise loyalty to them, but will give the other side a fair hearing.

Muslims and Christians have been in disagreement on some fundamental issues. The claims regarding the divine origin of their respective Holy Books and the position of Jesus or Muhammad are questioned. It is only natural that the follower of each faith seeks arguments and support for their cause.

By all means: Dare to compare!