Destination Unknown

KSh 50

Finding Certainty for Eternity

The Islamic concept of predetermination, which negates any kind of free will on the side of man, is compared with the free grace of God offered to us in the Gospel. The often shocking revelations in this booklet have a powerful message shattering all our romantic self-complacency. Assurance of salvation comes as a precious gift to those who long to know God personally.


Destination Unknown, Finding Certainty for Eternity

Gerhard Nehls, 21 pages

Isn’t it amazing that many of us carry on with life as we would never have to face the question of our eternal destiny? At times someone very close to us needs to be suddenly taken away before we are willing to search for assurance ourselves. What a sad neglect!

In fact, as Gerhard Nehls rightly states: ”It is bordering on insanity to depend on hearsay when it comes to whether or not eternity will be spent in the presence of Almighty God or in hell.”

Eternity matters more than what you think!